Barrel heater type CFMB


The mica band barrel heaters are intended to heat barrels from the outside. They are used to heat barrels of oils, waxes and other liquids to increase their temperature and viscosity. A built-in thermostat allows you to set the barrel temperature. Two handles and quick lock system make them easy to install and remove.

Maximum operating temperature of barrel heater 350°C, maximum load 1W/cm² (6W/Sq. Inch)

Technical specifications:

  • Resistive alloy wire wound on mica paper support
  • Sheath in galvanized steel or stainless steel 430
  • Diameter from 180mm to 12000mm
  • Height from 120 mm to 500mm
  • Hand tightening by wing nuts, 1 lock for height 120mm, 2 locks for height 200mm and above.
  • Standard voltage: 220-240 V
  • Connection by socket type C
  • Built in thermostat, temperature range 0-90°C, 0-120°C or 0-200°C

Possible variations:

  • water proof barrel heater fully brazed
  • On demand voltage from 24V to 440 V and wattage
  • Heater fitted with connection cable and plug
  • Quick assembly by toggle
  • Auto-tightening with springs


We advise you to properly tighten the barrel heater when you install it and to retighten it after 30 minutes of operation.

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