Flat ceramic band heaters type R8 and R11


The flat ceramic band heaters are intended to heat by conduction tooling with flat faces. They are used to heat press mould, oven, tank…
Maximum operating temperature of flat ceramic band heater 700°C maximum load 6.5W/cm² (42W/Sq. Inch) for R8 and R11.

Technical specifications:

  • Resistive alloy wire wound
  • High quality ceramic band insulators
  • Sheath in stainless steel 430
  • Minimum width 20 mm, maximum width 500 mm
  • Minimum length 50 mm, maximum length 2000 mm
  • Thickness 8 mm for type R8,11 mm for type R11
  • Voltage: 24 to 440V single phase or three phases

Possible variations:

  • Fixing holes, holes for probe passage, piping connection …
  • Built-in thermocouple
  • Sheath in Inconel for high temperature, max 900°C
  • R270 design for higher load: 8W/cm² (50W/Sq. Inch).
  • Sheath in brass or copper for better thermal conduction
  • Clamping plate to ensure good contact between the heater and the part to be heated


The flat ceramic band heaters are fitted in grooves 0.3 mm deeper than the heater height and with a gap of 2 mm on the outside of the heater. They are clamped against the part to be heated with a clamping plate in steel. It is recommended to have a good contact surface between the heater and the part to be heated to achieve a good heat transfer and long life.
You must use a temperature control device like a thermostat to regulate your process.

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