Grooved plate heater type 620


The grooved plate heaters are used in industrial high temperature ovens for example ceramic industry or heat treatment process.

Maximum operating temperature of groove plate heater 900°C.

Technical specification:

  • Coiled wire in resistive alloy
  • Insulation by high quality ceramic grooved plate (cordierite). Standard module with 6 grooves. Several modules can be assembled together in the same heater.
  • Length from 70 to 2000 mm
  • Width 90 then by step of 85 mm
  • Thickness 33 mm with foot, 18 without foot and support
  • Foot and support in stainless steel
  • Termination by glass fibre insulated cable (up to 400°C) or ceramic bead insulated cable (up to 900°C)
  • Voltage from 24 to 660 VAC (440VDC)


The groove plate heaters are design to be lay down flat. If you need to install them vertically, let us know because they will need a special design.


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