Ceramic bead heater type RSP


The ceramic bead heaters are used to heat solids by conduction. They can be wounded around the parts to heat or placed inside grooves. They could be used as a temporary heating system while a more sophisticated heater is in production.
Maximum operating temperature of flat mica band heater 700°C.

Technical specifications:

  • Resistive alloy wire coiled
  • Ceramic beads isolators diameter 5 – 8 – 10 – 13 or 15 mm
  • Length from 70 to 2000 mm
  • Connections by nickel cables, length to order
  • Voltage: 24 to 440 V

Possible variations:

  • The glass fibre sleeved heater works on the same principle but has a maximum temperature of 250°C
  • Heater folded in 2 to have the connections on the same side

Assembly instructions:

The ceramic bead heaters are wrapped around the parts to heat. They are not waterproof and have to be protected from water and humidity.

We advise you to install guards to avoid anyone touching them while energised to avoid burns and electrocutions.

You must use a temperature control device like a thermostat to regulate the temperature of your process.

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