Vacuum forming machine TF3525


The TF3525 is a manual vacuum forming machine for semi-professional usages. It is sturdy and user friendly. You only need to put it on a table and plug the socket to start it up. This machine can be used by students, It is a common equipment of technology class or FabLab.

Technical specifications:

  • Forming area 350 x 250mm
  • Forming depth up to 100mm
  • Power 1200 W
  • Voltage 230 V 50 Hz (single phase)
  • Weight 35 Kg
  • Size 560 x 830 x 490 mm
  • Plastic roll width 290 mm
  • plastic in sheet 390 x 290 mm

Vacuum forming:

The plastic film is warmed up above its softening temperature and plate against the mould which give it its shape. When cold down the plastic keep the shape of the mould. Vacuum forming can be used to manufacture plastic toys, moulds for Easter chocolate, plastic model building, ….

Vacuum forming raw material are polystyrene, le P.V.C. and P.E.T.G. from 0,1 à 3 mm thickness.

We can supply raw materials or moulds to operate the vacuum forming machine.


Skin packing:

The TF3525 vacuum former can also be used to realise skin packing.

The plastic film is warmed up above its softening temperature and plate against the cardboard and the parts to be packed. When cold down the plastic hold tightly the parts against the cardboard. Skin packing can be used for Items from a few grams to several kilos.

Skin pack raw material are P.V.C. with PVC coated cardboard and Surlyn® with Surlyn® coated cardboard.

Let’s get in touch:

Contactez notre équipe technique qui vous fera partager son expérience pour le réglage de la thermoformeuse, la conception de vos moules et le choix de votre matière. Vous pouvez également prendre rendez-vous pour venir réaliser des essais dans notre salle de démonstrations.

Machine showroom
You can come to visit us and try the TF6030 in our showroom with your mould and your raw material. SCIENTAX will assist you in your development.
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